A trendy and chic garment lifestyle showroom, Esquire offers an exclusive range of the latest men’s garments in depth and variety. Always in tune with fresh trends, Esquire offers stylish classics and favorites for every occasion from dazzling party collections to quintessential office wear.

Located in Secunderabad, Esquire began its journey in 1973 and has since evolved into one of the leading names of its kind that today evokes respect. It has all been possible due to professional decision making process based on a combination of strategy, emotion, and market insight that not only gives clients that unique edge in choosing the right garment that they are comfortable in for the right occasion, but also sets Esquire apart from competitors of its kind.

Today Esquire’s collection allows for more style, creativity and options for the customer. Esquire offers some of the finest men’s formals and casuals. The men’s clothing reflects the newest trends for the most conscious gentleman, smart garments loaded with style. Men looking to create a contemporary wardrobe can find what they need at Esquire – from the classic tailored cuts or the most comfortable leisure wear to fashion and casual men's wear, including formal suits, dress shirts, business suits, silk neckties and fashion accessories, made from the finest materials and by skilled artisans and workers. Esquire’s specialty lies in bespoke tailoring service in which it has rich experience and manifold skills. Observant, shrewd, and market-savvy, Esquire’s in-house team of skilled tailors perform their task with precision and commitment and especially specialize in tailoring for big waist and giving it a perfect look. Based on the client’s selection of the fabrics and stitching inputs, the tailors weave and create the appropriate garment that fits in and matches up to the client’s expectations.

The Esquire showroom presents a relaxed atmosphere with a pleasant ambiance that combines a mix of fun and business while living up to the standard for up-to-the-minute style, lasting quality and exceptional customer service. The customer service personnel combine sound knowledge, insight and enthusiasm to create the special experience that customers expect and which keeps them coming back for more.

Esquire by combining fine clothing, fine tailoring and fine service has earned for itself not only a creditable reputation but also a cult status that inspires customers to make a beeline to our stores and savor the unique charm and product flavor of Esquire!